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 Ferret colours

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PostSubject: Ferret colours   Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:14 pm

Albino - This is probably the most common colour of a ferret. Albino ferrets are white with red eyes- due to lack of pigmentation. Although many Albinos are not pure white but have a creamy or even orange tint because of the activity of the sebaceous glands. Indeed I have come across people who thought that ferrets are white and all coloured ferrets are polecats!

Polecat or Poley - Probably the second most common colour. Named after the wild polecat as this colour is the same as the polecat has. Very dark in appearance due to the guard hairs that have black tips. The undercoat is pale and creamy. The facial markings are amazing- the eyes are encircled by dark hair while the rest of the face is white.

Sandy - These ferrets have a creamy to dark brown coloured coat. They often don't have the distinct polecat-type mask or lack it completely.

Siamese - These have a pale milk-chocolate coloured coat and darker brown legs.

Silver - The coat is anything from dark polecat colour to light tan with some guard hairs that have silver tips.

Dark-eyed Whites - These ferrets have dark eyes and a pure white coat which is not due to lack of pigmentation as in the Albino.

Mitts - Mitt is a pattern and you can get any coloured ferret with this pattern. It's identified by white feet and white blaze on the throat or chest and white spots on the knees of the back legs.
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Ferret colours
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