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 Scottish pigeon parcels with whiskey and honey

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PostSubject: Scottish pigeon parcels with whiskey and honey   Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:08 pm

Scottish pigeon parcels w/ whiskey and honey

British measurements

2 oz Butter
1 tb Honey
4 Pigeons; oven-ready
5 tb Single malt scotch whiskey
2 lg Nectarines; peeled & sliced
4 tb Mango juice
4 lg Squares of kitchen foil

Like pheasant, pigeon is best when kept moist during cooking.

In this recipe, the birds are baked in their own individual "parcels" , sealing in all the whiskey and honey flavors.

Heat the butter, honey and a Tbsp of whiskey in a frying pan.

Add the pigeons and fry them gently for approximately 5 minutes, sealing them in a caramelized glaze.

Remove them from the pan, and wrap each pigeon in an individual foil parcel with nectarine slices, a Tbsp of mango juice and one Tbsp whiskey in each.

Bake at 3250F / 1600C / gas 3 for about 1 hour, or until the birds are tender.

Serve the foil parcels at the table - guests will enjoy opening the fragrant packages for themselves.
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Scottish pigeon parcels with whiskey and honey
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